The Importance Of Climbing To High Places

One of the foremost reasons traveling can be such an insightful and life affirming experience is that it offers universal perspective.

The universal perspective that travel affords can strike you in the least assuming of places -- It can blindside you in a sweltering bus terminal, under a towering coconut palm (hopefully that's perspective that just slammed into you, not a free falling super food), and in the throes of a Mexican standoff with...well, Mexican Authorities.

But one way I've found to virtually guarantee this phenomenon of overarching insight is so simple, it's stupid: Find a place that's towering over everything, and climb to the top of it. Look down on the the things you see. I mean, don't look down on them in a disapprovingly snobbish way, but gaze awesomely in a downward direction towards them.

Here are 5 merits to attaining a birds eye view of your chosen travel destination

Better Orientation

One of the best ways to understand the topographical nuances of your temporary home is to see them all at the same time!

Better Health

Unless you rode a cable car up to the summit (or an elevator to the top floor), you're in for one hell of a hike

Better Photos

Ain't no one ever gonna get tired of the all encompassing landscape scene -- it's the reason why drones are so popular and infinity edge pools exist

Better Reception

Put your phone away (well after you snap a couple selfies anyway) and connect with the signal of clear thinking

Better Sex

I don't actually know if this is true, but let's assume it is for marketing purposes. All those cliche movie scenes with couples in a parked car overlooking town must mean something


Climbing to a lofty elevation is the travelers equivalent of Bob Dylan introducing the Beatles to weed. It's a chance to kick your already fabulous journey up to the next level!

And while you sit there on Pride Rock surveying your domain, another miracle will surely transpire -- you will have a vision. A deeply mystical, divinely sourced revelation -- WHAT TO EAT FOR LUNCH!