Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Alas that fateful hour has dawned upon us -- We goin' to Fiji! Then New Zealand! Then...Idaho? Becca, where are we going after New Zealand? Ohhh yea, we need to focus on getting to Fiji first. Smart thinkin', pragmatic as usual. Anywho, our long awaited and eagerly anticipated departure is imminent -- T-minus 2 hours 'til lift off, then it's off to the races for fun in the sun and exotic grubbin'. Can we get an Amen? Of course, this is just the start of a collective long and fervent prayer for our safety and well-being that our family and friends are no doubt rendering already. And for that we thank you. We plan to maintain this blog with impeccable attention to detail and frequent updates, at least until we go native and join the Mudmen in the most remote and inaccessible mountainous region of Papua New Guinea. Until then, expect running threads of stunning landscape photos, exotic food documentation, and also animal and hobo candids. Adios errybuddy, don't be strangers !!

Dennis WalkerComment