We all love parties, and you put so much time into planning yours, it's an actual shame to be over in just a matter of hours. 

Your event deserves a remembered weeks, months, and years after the last of the confetti has been swept and your outfit is back from the dry cleaners -- don't forget, your wedding isn't the only special event you'll throw. Bring us along to your birthday party, New Year's Eve party, bachelorette party, bat mitzvah, Monday morning grocery shopping, Wednesday trivia night, and we'll turn it into a technicolor masterpiece for an easy-on-the-pocketbook price.

We currently have a $850 Wedding-Day-Special --- it's upsetting to us that you can be priced out of your own wedding, and we want to put and end to that and deliver videos that you will cherish forever. 

We are located in San Diego, California, but are pretty much willing to go anywhere (have you seen any of our travel videos?) so just let us know if you're outside of the San Diego area, and we'll see if we can make it work!!